The Adventures of Hassan and Jorg


Editorial Note: The four short science-fiction stories that form The Adventures of Hassan and Jorg were written by David Myatt in early 2002, not long after the invasion of Afghanistan by western forces, and were first published, under a Muslim pseudonym, late in 2002 on the (now defunct) Jordanian based website According to Myatt they were written for, and were read aloud by him to, the two young children of a Muslim friend of Iraqi origin. Further stories in the series were planned, but never written.

Long neglected, disowned by Myatt himself, and despite in Myatt’s own opinion lacking any literary merit, the stories may be of interest for several reasons. First, because they reflect Myatt’s life-long interest in space travel and the genre of science-fiction. Second, because they could be seen, from a Muslim perspective, as a comment on the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Third, because they reflect Myatt’s interest at the time in sympathetically portraying Muslims, Islam, and the Mujahideen. Fourth, because they embody the warrior virtues that Myatt has always admired. Fifth, because they show Muslims and non-Muslims co-operating together on the basis of mutual respect. Sixth, because one of the main characters is a female warrior. Seventh, and perhaps most important of all, because they so obviously were – as Myatt admitted – crude propaganda, part of his short-lived campaign, from 2002 to around 2004, for an alliance between radical Muslims and National Socialists.

To accompany the publication of the stories, Myatt produced a note concerning the ‘historical background’ of the events, as well as a glossary for non-Muslim readers, both of which are reproduced in the pdf file below. As with all of Myatt’s writings, the stories are covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License and can be freely copied and distributed, under the terms of that license.

The Adventures Of Hassan And Jorg