Extremism And Reformation

David Myatt


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David Myatt, Extremism And Reformation, 2019,
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° Preface
° A Premature Grieving
° A Perplexing Failure To Understand
° Concerning The Abstractions of Extremism and Race
° Some Notes on The Politics and Ideology of Hate
Part One: According to the Philosophy of The Numinous Way
Part Two: A Personal Perspective – My Uncertitude of Knowing
° Some Philosophical and Moral Problems of National-Socialism
° Suffering And The Human Culture Of Pathei-Mathos
° Persecution And War
° The Matter With Death
° Appendix I: Physis And Being
° Appendix II: Pathei-Mathos: Genesis of My Unknowing
° Appendix III: A Matter Of Honour


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Extremism And Reformation


Myatt: Extremism And Reformation

David Myatt



° Preface
° A Premature Grieving
° Concerning The Abstractions of Extremism and Race
° Some Notes on The Politics and Ideology of Hate
        Part One: According to the Philosophy of The Numinous Way
        Part Two: A Personal Perspective – My Uncertitude of Knowing
° Some Philosophical and Moral Problems of National-Socialism
° Suffering And The Human Culture Of Pathei-Mathos
° Persecution And War
° The Matter With Death
° Appendix I: Physis And Being
° Appendix II: Pathei-Mathos: Genesis of My Unknowing
° Appendix III: A Matter Of Honour


Extremism And Reformation


From the Preface,

The genesis of the compilation of essays was, as mentioned in the included essay A Premature Grieving, the publication in 2019, by a political advocacy group, of various unsubstantiated allegations and disinformation about me and the subsequent repetition of such allegations and disinformation by some mainstream newspapers and media outlets.

The unsubstantiated allegations and the disinformation concerned my supposed continuing involvement with extremism, specifically neo-nazism; it being apparent that neither the political advocacy group nor the newspapers and media which repeated the allegations and the disinformation had bothered to read my extensive post-2011 writings about rejecting extremism and about seeking expiation for my decades-long extremist past.

This compilation of essays is my reply to those unsubstantiated allegations and disinformation.


Source: https://davidmyatt.wordpress.com/2019/05/09/extremism-and-reformation/

Undercover Spies

Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt

Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt


Editorial note: This is a slightly revised version, by the author (JB), of an item posted on a private O9A FB group on 24 June 2014.


There is an interesting story in The Guardian newspaper about a man who was allegedly recruited, and sent, by a covert police unit to infiltrate an extreme right-wing organization in the 1990s. When, some seven years later, this ‘undercover spy’ decided he had had enough, he said “that his handlers […] suggested he go and infiltrate loyalist groups in Northern Ireland or start growing a beard and convert to Islam”. They asked him: “Can you do the Muslim thing?”. [ Source – http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/jun/23/bnp-infiltrator-police-covert-spy ]

No doubt the conspiracy theorists who believe David Myatt was, for most of his adult life, working for MI5 will seize on this case as further proof that Myatt’s decades of extremism – both as a neo-nazi and in support of Islamic terrorism, as well as his conversion to Islam – had an ulterior, and State-sanctioned, motive. The Myatt conspiracy theory makes interesting reading, especially as there is mention made of a Northern Ireland connection. This conspiracy theory regarding Myatt is documented here – https://regardingdavidmyatt.wordpress.com/agent-provocateur/

Furthermore, some people also believe that the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) was initially set up by Myatt (aka Anton Long) as an MI5 inspired neo-nazi honeytrap, a belief they derived from what Myatt himself wrote in his 2012 political memoir Ethos of Extremism, Reflexions on Extremism, Politics, and A Fanatical Life:

” In respect of covert action, I came to the conclusion, following some discussions with some C88 members, that two different types of covert groups, with different strategy and tactics, might be very useful in our struggle and thus aid us directly or aid whatever right-wing political party might serve as a cover for introducing NS policies or which could be used to advance our cause. These covert groups would not be paramilitary and thus would not resort to using armed force since that option was already covered, so far as I was then concerned, by C88.

The first type of covert group would essentially be a honeytrap, to attract non-political people who might be or who had the potential to be useful to the cause even if, or especially if, they had to be ‘blackmailed’ or persuaded into doing so at some future time. The second type of covert group would be devoted to establishing a small cadre of NS fanatics, of ‘sleepers’, to – when the time was right – be disruptive or generally subversive.

Nothing came of this second idea, and the few people I recruited during 1974 for the second group, migrated to help the first group, established the previous year. However, from the outset this first group was beset with problems for – in retrospect – two quite simple reasons, both down to me. First, my lack of leadership skills, and, second, the outer nature chosen for the group which was of a secret Occult group with the ‘offer’, the temptation, of sexual favours from female members in a ritualized Occult setting, with some of these female members being ‘on the game’ and associated with someone who was associated with my small gang of thieves […]

[The] organizer and ‘leader’ of this covert group [was] a comrade, a married businessman living near Manchester – being the one who had suggested the outer, the Occult, form of the group.

But what happened was that, over time and under the guidance of its mentor, the Occult and especially the hedonistic aspects came to dominate over the political and subversive intent, with the raisons d’etat of blackmail and persuasion, of recruiting useful, respectable, people thus lost. Hence, while I still considered, then and for quite some time afterwards, that the basic idea of such a subversive group, such a honeytrap, was sound, I gradually lost interest in this particular immoral honeytrap project until another spell in prison for an assortment of offences took me away from Leeds and my life as a violent neo-nazi activist […]

I had occasion, during the 1980’s, to renew my association not only with some old C88 comrades but also with the mentor of that Occult honeytrap when, after of lapse of many years, I became involved again in neo-nazi politics and revived my project of using clandestine recruitment for ‘the cause’. By this time, that Occult group had developed some useful contacts, especially in the academic world, so some friendly co-operation between us was agreed; a co-operation which continued, sporadically, until just before my conversion to Islam in 1998.

This clandestine recruitment of mine was for a small National-Socialist cadre which went by a variety of names, beginning with ‘G7’ (soon abandoned), then The White Wolves (c. 1993), and finally the Aryan Resistance Movement aka Aryan Liberation Army [qv. Part Five for details].

However, while some of these Occult contacts were, given their professions, occasionally useful ‘to the cause’ and to ‘our people’, by 1997 I had come to the conclusion that the problems such association with Occultism and occultists caused far outweighed the subversive advantages; a conclusion which led me to re-write and re-issue a much earlier article of mine entitled Occultism and National-Socialism, and which revised article was subsequently published in the compilation Cosmic Reich by Renaissance Press of New Zealand. As I wrote in that article – “National-Socialism and Occultism are fundamentally, and irretrievably, incompatible and opposed to each other.”

By the Summer of 1998 I had abandoned not only such co-operation and contacts with such Occult groups but also such clandestine recruitment on behalf of National-Socialism, concentrating instead on my Reichsfolk group and my ‘revised’ non-racist version of National-Socialism which I called ‘ethical National-Socialism’. Later still, following my conversion to Islam, I was to reject even this version of National-Socialism.” Source – http://davidmyatt.wordpress.com/the-ethos-of-extremism/

A Skeptic Reviews Diablerie

Order of Nine Angles


A Skeptic Reviews Diablerie


Since the publication in 2002 by New York University Press of the book Black Sun by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, the text entitled Diablerie: Revelations of a Satanist – a purported autobiography by Anton Long – has often been mentioned by those curious about or critical of both the Order of Nine Angles and David Myatt, for Goodrick-Clarke not only brought the existence of Diablerie to a wider audience but also extensively quoted from it {1}.

Some academics, like Goodrick-Clarke himself, and Senholt {2}, accept without question that Diablerie was written by Myatt, and the work has often been referred to in printed books about Satanism – for example, it is mentioned in the 2009 book Modern Satanism: Anatomy of a Radical Subculture by Chris Mathews. Others, from journalists writing about Myatt to fans of the ONA, have used Diablerie or mentioned it as ‘proof’ that Myatt is (or was) Anton Long; as proof that Myatt is both the founder of the ONA and a Satanist (and a nasty piece of work, a man of extreme and calculated hatred, etcetera), and as evidence that the ONA is amoral and “represent a dangerous and extreme form of Satanism”.

As for the book itself, the only public copy is in the British Library, and is a slim, spiral bound, volume with card covers whose pages are xeroxed copies of a typewritten text and which text contains many typos, and many misspellings (deliberate or otherwise) {3}. The text is marked ‘printed and published’ by Thormynd Press, Shrewsbury, and dated 1991.

As for Myatt himself, he has written several times that Diablerie is fake, most recently in his 2012 essay A Matter of Honour where he writes:

“Goodrick-Clarke never bothered to contact me regarding these claims of his, and the first thing I knew about them was when the book was published. Had he contacted me, then, I would have been in a position to supply him with the unpublished autobiographical MS that the plagiarist had purloined and used as the source for that fanciful work of fiction entitled Diablerie.”

The ‘unpublished autobiographical MS’ he refers to being the one Myatt wrote in 1984 and which was

” [a] brief autobiographical memoir which was sent to several friends and many political contacts, including to George Dietz in Virginia who had just published, under the imprint of his Liberty Bell Publications, my pamphlet Vindex, Destiny of the West and who was at the time interested in publishing the book, The Logic of History, which I was then engaged in writing, with such a memoir planned to be a part of that book.” {4}

The question therefore is whether or not Diablerie is authentic. If it is not authentic, then who its is author and for what reason was it published and circulated?

Content and Style

In terms of content, Diablerie is unremarkable. The narrative is one of an arrogant, self-opinionated, pompous young man who professes to “posses the pride of Satan”; who takes an interest in Satanism; who hilariously sets out to do “evil deeds”; who smirks that he “would have to be ruthless”; who gloats that he “knew more about the Occult and magick than these people who performed ceremonial rituals after the Golden Dawn”; and whose “evil deeds” are lame or laughable or sound like the adventures of a frat boy.

In terms of style, a lot of Diablerie differs quite markedly from the writings of Myatt dating from the 1980’s and the 1990’s, and which writings from that period include his well-known text Vindex, Destiny of the West (published in 1984) and his many articles about National Socialism, such as National-Socialism: Principles and Ideals (published in 1991 and part of his fourteen volume Thormynd Press NS Series).

Reading texts such as Vindex and National-Socialism: Principles and Ideals gives an appreciation of Myatt’s early style; and this style is often detailed (some might say convoluted) and sometimes expressively direct, especially when he is writing about National Socialism. Consider the following, from his Vindex:

“If an understanding of history implies an understanding of the present and a feeling for the future, then the work of the historian Arnold Toynbee is of great importance, for from his study of civilizations – and with the help of some of Oswald Spengler’s insights – it is possible to construct a model of history that is fully in accord with scientific methodology and which predicts the future of the West.”

and this, from National-Socialism: Principles and Ideals:

“One of the most fundamental principles of National-Socialism – expressing thus the wisdom of civilization – is that each individual is a part of, and has duties and obligations to, their folk or race. That is, that the individual is not an isolated being, concerned only with their own self-centred desires and feelings (including their own ‘happiness’ and material well-being), but rather belongs – and that this belonging, involving as it does duties and obligations toward their folk and thus the civilization that folk has created, is necessary for a healthy existence: of the individual, the folk and their civilization….

One of the most important truths that expresses the reality of civilization is that of race. Race is a representation of the natural order – of how evolution works, and how Nature, or the gods/God, are expressed, manifested or presenced on Earth.”

Contrast these with the following, from Diablerie:

“Which boy could resist? So I went with him – to a brothel. Actually, it just looked like an ordinary house down an ordinary Singapore alley. The ladies were rather nice – and wore elegant silk sarongs…. I had both a light and a dark side. The dark side wanted to find its limits. I thought what it would be like to kill, to do dark deeds…. But always a Promethean fire, a Satanic spirit drove me on – toward something. What, I often did not know. But I had a belief in myself, an arrogance which I knew no one or anything could break. I possessed the pride of Satan…. The world was mine – if I chose to take it….. London called. There, it seemed, I might find the forbidden.”

The difference is obvious. The former are the words of an intellectual; the latter are the clipped sentences of the type often found in first-person ‘action’ novels or comic strips of the Dick Tracey type. It is as if Diablerie is pulp fiction, a first-person narrative of fictional anti-hero and evil Satanist, Anton Long, with – and importantly – some quotes from the writings of the real person who the author wants people to believe is the inspiration for his fictional Anton Long. Quotes inserted as ‘background’ for credibility, as the author of a crime novel inserts material gleaned from real crimes and real police investigations for credibility. In the case of Diablerie, some of the inserted material is most probably taken from Myatt’s 1984 autobiographical memoir or from remembered conversations with Myatt himself, or from both. The rest of the inserted material being plagiarized from Myatt’s political writings which already, by 1991, were quite extensive and widely distributed.

All of which brings us to the question of authorship and the question of motive.

Errors and Omissions

Myatt’s early years – for example his childhood in Africa and Asia – were first recounted by him in his 1984 autobiographical memoir, a memoir which he used as the basis for part one of his Autobiographical Notes: Towards Identity and the Galactic Empire, written in 1990, first openly published in 1993 and mentioned and used as a source in Cosmic Reich: The Life and Thoughts of David Myatt, published by Renaissance Press, New Zealand, in 1995. If one compares these Notes with Anton Long’s early years, as related in Diablerie, then it would appear as if the narrator of Diablerie is Myatt, or at least someone with a knowledge of Myatt’s early life, a knowledge obtained from that memoir, those Notes, or remembered from a reading of that memoir or those Notes or from conversations with Myatt himself or remembered from all three.

However, if the narrator was Myatt, then it is curious as to how many errors and omissions occur in the section of Diablerie devoted to Anton Long’s early years. For instance, in the Notes Myatt writes that from around the age of thirteen, while abroad, he “studied ancient Greek, Latin, Chinese and Sanskrit”, while Diablerie has Anton Long learning Greek and Latin in England at the age of fifteen (or maybe sixteen).

Comparing Diablerie with Myngath – Myatt’s official autobiography – the error and omissions regarding those early years are even more apparent, which leads to three possible conclusions. Firstly, that if Myatt was the narrator of Diablerie then in that work he lied about or falsified many facts and also invented stories about himself. Secondly, that the narrator of Diablerie was not Myatt but someone who knew him and co-operated with him in producing the pulp fiction narrative that is Diablerie. Thirdly, that the narrator of Diablerie was not Myatt but either someone who knew him (politically, or otherwise) or who had access to or had read the memoir or the Notes or both, and who produced the pulp fiction narrative that is Diablerie in order to create Anton Long, the myth, but who made mistakes when recalling material once read, and incorrectly remembered, or who was attempting from memory to describe parts of conversations of months or even years gone by.

Motive and Author

In terms of motive, I cannot conceive of Myatt, intellectual and poet {5}, a married man aged 41 at the time, depicting himself in the way Anton Long is depicted in that 1991 text Diablerie – as an arrogant, self-opinionated, pompous man who talks like some character in a Dick Tracey comic strip: “the world was mine – if I chose to take it”. “London called.” Not to mention using words straight out of a Star Wars movie – “the dark side”. Neither can I conceive of Myatt creating such a two-dimensional wooden B-movie villain as the Anton Long of Diablerie is (or comes across as), as part of some elaborate ploy to create ‘the Anton Long myth’ and thus bolster the credentials of the Order of Nine Angles. The “perfection of evil” as Anton Long pompously claims to be in Diablerie? Certainly not.

Surely the author of Breaking The Silence Down (written 1985) – with its depiction of Sapphic love and its believable main character Diane – could have come up with a better characterization of ‘Anton Long’.

Given all this, and what I have mentioned above about style, content, errors and omissions, my conjecture is that Diablerie was written by Beesty Boy, aka ‘Christos Beest’, who at the time – 1991 – was a young man in his early 20’s, a fan of Star Wars, had been involved with the ONA for several years, was working on his Sinister Tarot, was editor of Fenrir, and whose ONA booklet Antares: The Dark Rites of Venus, Coxland Press would publish two years later. In addition, he was at the time a personal friend of Myatt who encouraged his talent as a musician and painter. {6}

The Many Faces of Anton Long

In the past three years there was been much speculation, on occult, Satanist, and O9A, forums and blogs, about the many faces of Anton Long. As one person put it recently on a Satanist forum:

“It seems that someone has been writing under the name AL…. The real question is if Myatt is pretending to be AL. Or if Myatt is feeding AL (or the AL committee) material to write. Or if Myatt told some folks to take the AL pen name and do what you want with it.”

There is also the view that the ‘original Anton Long’ of the original ONA – of ONA 1.0 as Jason King labelled it – ceased to write ONA material in the 1990’s, and of, as someone else, said

“[t]he story of ‘Anton Long’ [being] the story of several different individuals using that pseudonym in the last 40 years. Beginning with Myatt himself in 1972, then a year later with a married businessman living near Manchester, then around 1998 with ‘Beesty Boy’ (aka Christos Beest aka Moult), and finally around 2003 with one or two anonymous young writers who tried to keep the myth going by posting their stuff on the internet and who created websites, blogs and e-groups to create the illusion of a real, expanding, influential, hardcore Satanist group led by ‘Anton Long’, the myth.”

There is also the rumour of Myatt as agent provocateur for the state {7} and the fact that Myatt has openly said that in the early 1970’s he created an occult group as a ‘neo-nazi honeytrap’ in order to propagate holocaust denial and neo-nazism and recruit “respectable people who could be useful to the Cause”. {8} Or, as someone else suggested, “as a means of gathering intelligence and recruiting suitable individuals to undertake acts of subversion, extremism, and terrorism, under the pretext of occult training”.{7}

Sinister Jape or Genuine Work?

If CB, as I conjecture, wrote Diablerie, then why, and was it with Myatt’s knowledge or even approval given that at the time – 1991 – Myatt was according to his own admission still occasionally cooperating with his occult contacts as part of his strategy to recruit people for his clandestine neo-nazi terrorist groups such as the Aryan Liberation Army? {8}

Was Diablerie some kind of sinister jape that the ONA are known to have enjoyed playing at people’s expense? Or part of their Labyrinthos Mythologicus which the Order of Nine Angles describe as “a modern and an amoral version of a technique often historically employed, world-wide among diverse cultures and traditions both esoteric and otherwise, to test and select candidates, and a mischievous, japing, and sly, part of our sinister dialectic.” {9}

My conjecture is that Beesty Boy wrote it as part of the ONA’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus, without Myatt’s initial approval but then later nonchalance about such matters {10}, and at the time Beesty Boy himself began penning ONA material using the name Anton Long.

R. Parker
2012 ev
(Revised Jan 2013 ev)


{1}The first mention of Diablerie in a mainstream book seems to be Lure of the Sinister: The Unnatural History of Satanism by Gareth J. Medway published by New York University Press, first edition April 2001.

{2} Senholt, Jacob. Secret Identities in The Sinister Tradition: Political Esotericism and the Convergence of Radical Islam, Satanism and National Socialism in the Order of Nine Angles, in Per Faxneld & Jesper Petersen (eds) The Devil’s Party: Satanism in Modernity, Oxford University Press, 2012.

{3} Some early – and even later – ONA material contain deliberate spelling mistakes, designed to provoke an instinctive and judgemental reaction in the reader. For example, in the 2009 text Defending the ONA? it is stated that

“in the days of typewritten letters, sometimes letters might be sent out with a word spelt in an unusual way, or containing deliberate spelling mistakes. Sometimes, the grammar was also unusual. Those who could not see beyond the outer form (the words; the syntax, and so on) to the essence (always contained quite clearly in such letters) so obviously failed, restricted as their apprehension was by the norms of their own times, by their own preconceptions, by society, or whatever.”

This particular sly ONA tactic is also mentioned in several older ONA texts, including The Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown, published around the same time as Diablerie.

{4} Myatt, David. Polemos Our Genesis. e-text, 2012. Included in the pdf compilation Remembering Wyrd.

According to Myatt, this 1980’s memoir formed the basis for his Autobiographical Notes: Towards Identity and the Galactic Empire, the first part of which was published in the 1990’s and mentioned in Cosmic Reich: The Life and Thoughts of David Myatt, published by Renaissance Press, New Zealand, in 1995. The second and third parts were published following his conversion to Islam in 1998, and which parts were subsequently and substantially revised during the naughties.

{5} Myatt’s early poetry – from the 1970’s and 1980’s – included compilations such as Gentleman of the Road, and To Forgotten Gods. His early poetry included notable poems such as Wine (1972) and No Sun To Warm (1974) and Only Time Has Stopped (1978).

{6} CB played a minor role in the 1990’s in Myatt’s National-Socialist Movement and, for a while, took over the leadership of Myatt’s Reichsfolk organization when Myatt converted to Islam in 1998. Their friendship floundered (never to be renewed) when Myatt – as Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt – aligned himself with Al-Qaeda.

The fact that both CB and Myatt used Thormynd Press to publish their own works, and that Thormynd also published works by the ONA, is not as interesting or evidential as it might at first appear, for publishers often publish diverse works by various authors for purely commercial reasons. Thus the fact that Thormynd published Diablerie as well as items by Myatt is not proof of a link between that work and Myatt.

{7} https://regardingdavidmyatt.wordpress.com/2012/12/20/david-myatt-agent-provocateur/

{8} Myatt, David. Ethos of Extremism. e-text (in seven parts), 2012.

{9} http://lapisphilosophicus.wordpress.com/about-2/labyrinthos-mythologicus/

{10} Myatt writes, in his A Matter of Honour: “As an early advocate of copyleft, I have never been bothered by plagiarism or by others using and adapting my ideas and my ‘inventions’, such as The Star Game.”

David Myatt: Agent Provocateur?


David Myatt: Agent Provocateur?

For well over a decade there have been rumors about whether or not David Myatt is an agent provocateur and/or an MI5 (or MI6) agent/covert operative.

These rumors, apparently, derive from three causes.

(1) His known involvement – in the 1970’s – with the para-military neo-nazi group Column 88, which, it has been alleged, was part of NATO’s European Gladio stay-behind network, whose task was to conduct assassinations and sabotage if the Soviet Union had invaded. Thus, Column 88 (C88) was, apparently, a joint MI5/MI6 operation, and was led by a former Special Forces army officer.

(2) His interrogation, in the 80’s, by the police – and later interview by a research assistant (Jenny Rathbone) from ITV’s World in Action (when Myatt denied everything) – about the murder of Hilda Murrell, when it was alleged that Myatt was employed as a deniable covert MI5 operative who was doing some of their “dirty work”. At the time of this murder, it was widely rumored that Murrell was “silenced” by MI5.

(3) His involvement with Combat 18 (C18), which led to the formation of the National-Socialist Movement (NSM), of which he was the founder and first leader, and of which David Copeland, the London nail-bomber, was a member; for it was alleged that C18 was either set-up by MI5, or heavily infiltrated by MI5.

In addition, there are the following circumstances: (a) Myatt’s many unexplained visits to Northern Ireland in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s; (b) his seemingly strange and sudden conversion to Islam some months after resigning from the leadership of the NSM; and (c) the fact that, although arrested, he was not prosecuted for either writing and distributing two terrorist documents attributed to him (A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution, and the original booklet announcing the formation of The White Wolves) or for recruiting people to join his clandestine Aryan Resistance Movement.

Such circumstances as these led Canadian author Jeff Wells to write, in 2005:

” Is Myatt an agent provocateur, a shit-disturber who can’t settle upon a radical philosophy, something more, or something less? It’s difficult to assess motive, but consider that he has been arrested numerous times for such things as writing and disseminating “practical terrorist guides” [and] on suspicion of conspiracy to murder. These cases have always been dropped due to “lack of evidence.” Does he enjoy protection? The record is suggestive that he does. And if it appears so, then we should ask the next question: Why?

Myatt may seem to have flitted from one politico-religious philosophy to another, but there is a terrible thread of continuity and rigour through his life and writings that suggests he is much more than a disingenuous provocateur. Naziism and Islamicism have served, in turn, as modalities of disruption for what remains at core an occult working to sow general chaos and division – the necessary passage of “Helter Skelter” to break down the Old Order, before the founding of the New.

So again: whose interests are served by there being a David Myatt? Is he is own man – or men – or does he belong to someone else? Or is it something else – an intelligence service perhaps… ” (1)

In this type of scenario, Myatt is alleged to be some kind of 5GW operative – someone who:

” …..does ‘spooky action at a distance’ – who is acting on behalf of those “powers-behind-the-scenes” that like to use chaos, and especially socalled “terrorist attacks”, as a pretext for increased government control, increased surveillance, and government tyranny. That is, such an operative is a new version of the traditional “spook” – someone who works alone and is ruthless.” (2)

That is, people such as Myatt go around covertly and openly inciting and encouraging and aiding violence and chaos and terrorism (of whatever kind) – and recruiting people to do such things – in order for the state to use such things as a pretext to introduce more laws, increase their surveillance of the people, restrict people’s freedom of movement, and generally move toward if not a police-state, then much greater control of the general population.

In order to place these allegations into perspective, we shall consider the three causes, detailed above, and the three circumstances, also enumerated above, giving, in places – and in the interests of fairness – Myatt’s own comments about these matters.

Column 88

C88 first came to public attention in 1975, when the regional British newspaper, the Western Daily Press, published accounts of Column 88 members training, in Savernake Forest, Wiltshire, with the Territorial Army, the volunteer reserve force of the British Army. (3) This led to a question being asked, by a British Member of Parliament, in the House of Commons (4), and to other reports in British newspapers, such as The Guardian (4a). The British anti-fascist magazine, Searchlight, also published articles about C88 (5).

Accounts around this time claimed that C88 was a para-military neo-nazi organization, with a membership of at most 200, and, more probably, around 100, with some accounts naming its organizer as Ian Souter-Clarence (6). That is, C88 was considered to be and portrayed to be, in the Media, just another, if clandestine, domestic neo-nazi political organization, and – despite the fact that C88 members clearly had access to and had trained with military weapons and explosives – the group itself was soon forgotten. It would be over fifteen years before C88 would be mentioned again in the Media, and then only in a cursory, soon-to-be-forgotten way, in 1991 (7), some years after C88 had been disbanded.

It was only in the middle 1990’s that rumors began circulating that C88 might have been set up by MI5 and been part of NATO’s clandestine Gladio stay-behind network, following questions being asked, for many years, in Italy, about the killing of Aldo Moro, allegedly by Communists (8). These rumors about C88 being part of Gladio were briefly mentioned in the April 1995 issue of Searchlight.

In regard to Myatt’s involvement with C88, the following is taken from his own account (9)

” I was recruited, in 1973 CE, by JM, and right from the very beginning it was obvious this was a well-organized group, quite different from any other NS or nationalist group I had come across in the previous six years. For I had been instructed to wait in some obscure lay-by in Wiltshire, and was patiently doing so when several speeding vehicles arrived and proceeded – in an impressive manoeuvre – to surround, and block, the car I had been waiting in, with several very obviously fit young men exiting quickly from these vehicles…

I was further impressed when, later that day and in the house of C88’s organizer (L – or “Lutz” – who was not Ian Souter-Clarence), I met many young National-Socialists from several different European countries. Here, I felt, was the spirit, the comradeship, of The Third Reich, of the Waffen-SS, of genuine National-Socialism, come alive again, something which, I knew from direct personal experience, was so sadly lacking in every other NS group I had previously encountered…

While there was military training – with weapons loaded with live ammunition – such as a night exercise in Savernake Forest when “we” had to take and overrun an “enemy” position, the real highlight for me of my years with C88 were the yearly Fuhrerfests when National-Socialists from all over Europe would gather in comradeship to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday… It was inspiring to know, to feel, that Adolf Hitler and his sacred mission had not been forgotten; that there were others – many others – in other lands who felt the same way and who understood, rationally or instinctively, or both, the essential goodness and nobility of National-Socialism itself… In addition, it was good to know that so many educated, seemingly well-connected, individuals in Britain were covert National-Socialists, for another impressive thing about C88 was its English members: professional, family, people, for the most part, who did not have a shaved head or a pair of ‘bovver boots between them.

Indeed, I – although quite well educated – was probably the odd-one out: a rough almost fanatical street-fighter of many years experience who had been in Prison for violence and who had many other criminal convictions… That I, a hardened Nazi street thug with a criminal record, had been accepted into the home of L’s wife and family – and into the homes of some other C88 members – was pleasing because it seemed to me to express the nobility, the folk equality, of National-Socialism itself…

As for C88 being part of NATO’s Gladio network, I had no inkling or knowledge of this, at the time. C88 seemed to me – perhaps in my naivety – to be a genuine National-Socialist group, devoted to comradeship and to the slow process of socially and politically infiltrating British society, with perhaps some possibility that, if the need arose (such as a Soviet invasion) we might “do our bit”, as National-Socialists, and fight them. Not even when there was talk of various “arms dumps” or when I was shown into a basement HQ replete with maps, charts, files and comms systems, were suspicions of possible government or MI5 (or whatever) involvement aroused. I simply – out of NS loyalty – accepted what the organizer of C88, a former Officer in the Royal Marines, told me, which was of C88 being a well-organized, well-connected, National-Socialist group with international contacts. Indeed, as I have mentioned, I certainly felt and certainly experienced the genuine NS comradeship of this group, so I had no reason to doubt its genuine nature, and if the organizer of C88 had ordered me to do something, I would have done it, considering it to be my duty as a National-Socialist, since I had given him a personal pledge of loyalty. I even recall the first time I did this, when a certain C88 member Ron M (whom I seen to recall then lived in Shropshire) began arguing with L about some minor “action” we planned to do. I stated quite simply that it was for L, as organizer, to make the decision and for me, as a National-Socialist bound by loyalty and duty, to respect and to act upon that decision… “

Hilda Murrell

Hilda Murrell – an elderly but active campaigner for Nuclear Disarmament – was murdered in Shropshire in March 1984. Soon after her death, rumors began circulating that she had been “silenced” by MI5 to prevent her either giving evidence to the Sizewell inquiry, or to prevent her publicly revealing secrets she was alleged to have received from her nephew, Commander Robert Green, a naval intelligence officer (10). The failure by the police, for over twenty years, to find the killer seemed to many people to confirm suspicions of “state involvement”, and even when the killer was found, tried, and convicted (11) some people insisted he has “been framed” in order to conceal the identity of the real killer (12).

In the months following the murder, Myatt was interviewed by Detectives from Shrewsbury police, both at his home (then in Church Stretton) and at his place of work (a country house in South Shropshire where he was employed as a gardener). Satisfied with his alibi, he was not interviewed again, by the police, about that murder. Some time later he was contacted by and subsequently interviewed by Jenny Rathbone who was working for ITV’s World in Action. World in Action were producing a documentary about the murder, in which documentary they made claims about possible “state involvement”. Myatt’s comments to Rathbone (he denied any involvement) were never broadcast, nor referred to in the program, and neither was he mentioned.

It later transpired that both the police, and World in Action, had been given Myatt’s name “as a possible suspect” by none other than Gerry Gable, the then editor of Searchlight magazine.

Combat 18 and the NSM

Combat 18 was formed, in 1992, by two London brothers, Charlie and Steve Sargent, with the avowed intent of “taking the streets back from the Reds” and openly espousing National-Socialism. Its early membership was composed of people associated with “hooligan” football firms such as the Chelsea Headhunters (13) and it gradually earned a reputation for violence, achieving its stated objective of “taking the streets back from the Reds”.

Myatt – long inactive in NS politics – joined C18 in 1994, producing a bi-monthly publication in support of them; writings articles, designing and producing leaflets; and attending their meetings and demonstrations. He came to be regarded as not only “the ideological heavyweight” behind C18 (14) but as a personal friend of both Charlie and Steve Sargent.

When C18 split into two feuding groups, Myatt stayed loyal to Charlie Sargent, and publicly supported him, stating that he regarded Wilf Browning – who had fallen out with Charlie over a dispute regarding missing C18 funds amounting to tens of thousands of pounds – as a traitor, and a liar. Charlie accused Browning of stealing the money, with Browning in his turn accusing Charlie and, for good measure, spreading rumors about Charlie being an MI5 informant, which rumors Searchlight, and others of that ilk, quickly took up and published.

The feud came to a head with the murder of a Browning supporter by Charlie’s close and loyal friend, Martin Cross. Both Cross and Charlie Sargent were later convicted of murder, and sentenced to life imprisonment. Myatt supported Charlie during and after his trial, and twice challenged Browning to a duel with deadly weapons, which challenged Browning refused, leading to Myatt again calling him a cowardly dishonorable liar.

In addition – and with the support of Steve Sargent and with the hundred or so C18 members still loyal to Charlie – Myatt, in early 1997, formed The National-Socialist Movement, to, in his words, “continue with the good work begun by Charlie and C18…”

The NSM held regular meetings – mostly in or around London – at which Myatt often spoke, and organized several demonstrations, most noticeably in January 1998 on Holloway Road, London, against the “Bloody Sunday 25th anniversary” march, where a heavy police presence and a cordon around NSM members, including Myatt, prevented them from attacking the marchers as they had planned. Just over a month later, both Myatt and Steve Sargent would be arrested after dawn raids by police officers from the elite SO12 unit of Scotland Yard. Just over a year after that, David Copeland – a member of Myatt’s NSM and allegedly inspired by Myatt’s terrorist manual A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution (15) – would begin his campaign to start a race war by exploding three nail-bombs in London, killing three people, and injuring hundreds, many seriously, although he would arrested soon after the third bomb exploded, and before he could assemble and explode other bombs as he had planned. (16) In 1998, according to the BBC’s Panorama, when Myatt was leader of the NSM, he called for “the creation of racial terror with bombs.” (17)

After Copeland’s trial and conviction – with Myatt being named by the BBC Panorama program and by several newspapers (18) as “Copeland’s mentor” – Myatt issued a statement in which he declared: I personally regret nothing. There is nothing to apologize for; nothing to plead or feel guilty about… (19)

Strange Circumstances

1) Myatt’s many visits to Northern Ireland in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The trips in the 70’s and 80’s – traveling mostly on the overnight ferry from Liverpool to Belfast – are explained by him as “visits of a curious tourist”, while the later trips in the 90’s – flying from Manchester Airport to ‘Derry – are explained as “coastal and hill walks; enjoying the solitude and scenery” (20).

While this is a plausible explanation, there is another one, consistent with the assumption of Myatt as agent provocateur. For it has been suggested (21) that:

” Ex-spymaster Young [of MI6] was for many years a key link man between the extreme-right of the Conservative Party and some of Britain’s most dangerous and violent neo-nazis. The vehicle for this liaison, which included contact with individuals connected with the underground fascist elite paramilitary organisation, Column 88, was his own pressure group called Tory Action. David Muire, another former intelligence officer, was using British Movement members as couriers for British Intelligence…”

Now, Myatt was not only a member of C88, but also – from 1968 until 1973 [curiously, the year he joined C88] – a member of Colin Jordan’s British Movement, so it is a not unreasonable assumption that Myatt’s many trips to Northern Ireland – many undertaken in the dangerous years of The Troubles themselves – may have been as “a courier for British Intelligence”. If this assumption is correct, as to what was being conveyed, and to whom, we can only speculate, although Myatt’s upbringing as a Catholic, and his two years as a Catholic monk, may well be a clue.

2) His seemingly strange and sudden conversion to Islam some months after resigning from the leadership of the NSM. Myatt, in many of his Islamist effusions, such as his essay From Neo-Nazi to Muslim, explains this as a genuine “reversion” to Islam (22):

” Those who understand correctly, those who use Aql, will understand my reversion (Alhamdulillah) as a gift from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala: a dis-covery of Tawheed; a move toward a knowing of the numinous as the numinous is. Thus, it is rejection of Tawagheet and a simple, unaffected, reliance on, and remembrance of, only Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. “

However, if we assume, again and for the moment, that Myatt is, or was, an agent provocateur, then it does seem logical to assume that he, or his “masters” (or both) had seen a greater threat (and opportunity) than Combat 18, especially as C18 had, by 1998 been effectively neutralized by internal feuds and by the imprisonment of Charlie Sargent. This new threat (and opportunity), of course, was radical Islam.

However, the difficulty here is finding some substance to give some credence to this particular assumption. That is, what evidence is there of Myatt, as Muslim, being an agent provocateur? Certainly, he has, through some of his Islamist writings incited and encouraged violent Jihad (23), and has supported both “suicide attacks” (24) and attacks on “civilians” (25). But what, if any, influence have his Islamist writings, and he himself, had?

The only circumstantial and somewhat tenuous evidence is that his Are Martyrdom Operations Lawful article was, for several years (between around 2002 to 2005), on the Izz al-Din al-Qassam (the military wing) section of the Hamas website (26a), and that several other of his articles – such as his The Aims of Al-Qaida – have appeared on some Jihadi forums (such as one devoted to the Somali Jihad) and been translated in several languages, including Italian. However, if he had little or no influence among some types of Muslims (“the extremists”) then there seems no reason for him to be mentioned at a NATO conference on terrorism in 2005, and again at another such conference a year later (26b, 26c). It is also strange – if he had no influence – as to why he was the subject, in 2006, of a full-page article in The Times newspaper, of London, under the heading Muslim Extremists in Britain (26d) and why he merited a mention at a 2003 UNESCO conference in Paris (23).

In addition, it might seem strange, to some, that despite these often strident Islamist appeals of his – and his support for bin Laden, for “suicide attacks”, and for attacks on “civilians” – that he was never arrested “for incitement” or for “supporting terrorism”.

3) The fact that, although arrested when he was leader of the NSM, he was not prosecuted for either writing and distributing two terrorist documents attributed to him (A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution, and the original booklet announcing the formation of The White Wolves) or for recruiting people to join his clandestine Aryan Resistance Movement (ARM), an organization which preached assassination and sabotage (27).

The simple explanation is that the police failed to find sufficient evidence to mount a successful prosecution in a British court of law (28), despite their best efforts and despite a three year long international investigation which included the Canadian police, the FBI, and Interpol. Another assumption – based on the assumption of Myatt as agent provocateur – is that there never was any intention to prosecute, and the lengthy, complex, international investigation, undertaken by SO12 of Scotland Yard, was just a formality.

What is interesting – and may be relevant in forming a conclusion about this particular matter – is that it was Nick Lowles and Gerry Gable, of Searchlight, and Michael Whine, of the influential Board of Deputies of British Jews, who were the people responsible for putting pressure on Scotland Yard to investigate and arrest Myatt, in 1998, having made an official complaint against him and his neo-nazi activities, for these people then regarded Myatt as “a dangerous man…” (29) For it seemed that the British police were, before that complaint, reluctant to investigate Myatt’s neo-nazi terrorist writings and activities.


As often in cases such as this, there is no direct evidence to prove or to show that Myatt is, or was, an agent provocateur or a covert operative for the state/MI5/MI6.

All we have are assumptions; other assumptions based on or deriving from our initial assumptions, and some circumstantial evidence which itself is mostly open to interpretation.

As for Myatt himself he has never made, so far as I know, any direct and public comment about the matter of him being an agent provocateur or a covert operative for the state/MI5/MI6 (30).

As Julie Wright wrote in her one of biographical essays about Myatt (31) –

“A realistic conclusion as to Myatt’s intentions and nature, at this moment in time, would be that each one of us will have to draw our own conclusions based on what little we know and – more interestingly – on what we assume or believe. Our conclusion may say more about us, and our society, than it might say about Myatt himself.”

February 2009
(Updated 07/07/09)


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An agent provocateur is someone who is clandestinely recruited and trained, usually by the State, to encourage, incite, or organize, disorder, violence, extremism, and – sometimes – terrorism or even sabotage. The agent provocateur plays an active role, often infiltrating political or activist groups, and is acting ‘under orders’ through a covert chain-of-command. Agent provocateurs are often agents belonging to established bodies/agencies such as the police or State security organizations (such as MI5, the CIA), although some are hired by such bodies/agencies as ‘private contractors’. These ‘private contractors’ – who are usually highly trained with particular, specialist, skills – can be useful in certain circumstances or for certain covert ops since, if they are exposed/arrested/captured, they are ‘deniable assets’ having no known or documented links to the agency which recruited, trained, and paid them, although – as happens in the case of State agents and police officers – the agency or body sometimes covertly uses their influence or resources to extradite them or otherwise aid these ‘private contractors’, as for instance in getting charges against them dropped, and so aiding or otherwise assisting them usually because the operative in question is regarded as a valuable asset, or as professional courtesy when or if it is in their interest, as an agency, to do so in order to maintain their professional standing within the ‘private contractor’ community.

In contrast to the active and trained agent provocateur, a professional who follows a covert chain of command, an informer – for the police or the security services – is passive and just passes on information, usually about other people and their activities, to their ‘handler’.

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It has also been suggested – without any evidence I should add – that C88 was responsible for several terrorist attacks in the 1970’s. For instance:

” In 1978, race relations in Britain were in crisis. The National Front was gathering power and immigrants lived in fear of violence…

Three weeks before the carnival, two parcel bombs were delivered by the neo-Nazi organisation Column 88 to the headquarters of the Communist Party and the trade union Nupe…”

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What happens to me, as an individual, is not important – what I do for my race, what happens to my race, is important. Indeed, this duty which I have towards my race is my reason for living – for our primary purpose, as individuals, is to work to secure a future for our race and so aid it to achieve its Destiny, its cosmic purpose.

Most people today, however, do not feel or understand this duty which we all, as living beings dependant upon Nature, have. Furthermore, the unnatural society of our times actively persecutes those who still possess this noble sense of duty. Thus it is that I find myself facing a prison sentence for having written about this duty which we as individuals have toward our race.

Yet prison and its personal hardships are fundamentally irrelevant – they cannot and will not affect what has been written, published, read and acted upon by others. I personally regret nothing. There is nothing to apologize for; nothing to plead or feel guilty about. I have done nothing dishonourable. What was written, was necessary – an expression of the noble duty I have and which I have striven to do to the best of my ability. What was written was what must be expressed, at this moment in the history of our race, if our race is to survive, prosper and fulfil its glorious cosmic Destiny.

My own perspective is not that of my own short lifetime – it is of centuries, of thousands of years. I think not of the life which lies ahead for me as an individual who must die, and possibly suffer, but of the cosmic, organic, process of which I am but one very small part. For I am but a brief living link – a nexus – between the past which is my folk and the future which will be my folk. I am them as they are me: past, present and future. And I like all the individuals of my folk can create or negate the future which can be by what I do, or what I do not do. The promise of the future is latent within me and my life is but a means to strive to make that future real by doing my duty to my folk – but helping my folk survive, prosper and fulfil its Destiny.

If our race is indeed to survive we must have this cosmic vision – this knowledge of ourselves as a nexus between the past and the future. We must know our duty, and do our noble duty, whatever the personal cost to ourselves, as individuals.

For myself, I have simply transmitted in written form in my own native language the wisdom of life – the wisdom of Folk and Fatherland – which already exists, and which has existed for thousands of years before me. I, as an individual, have experienced, thought, and after many years personally re-discovered the cosmic essence which is this wisdom of life – the essence which is now hidden behind the facade of our modern materialistic and unnatural society. Having re-discovered this essence, I have tried to do my duty and express this essence, this wisdom, in words so that others may come to learn the truth about the meaning of life.

My own personal life, my own background – anything and everything to do with me as an individual – are irrelevant, and of no consequence. So it is that I have maintained, and will maintain, a dignified silence about all the rumours, lies and allegations which the enemies of this wisdom have written and spoken about me in the hope of discrediting me and thus what I have written. Furthermore, in the end, my forthcoming trial, and my imprisonment are not important – their only significance being that they will prove the truth and importance of what I have written, as they will reveal this State for the tyranny it is. A tyrannical System which is built upon lies and which has brainwashed its people, year after year and decade after decade, has to persecute and imprison writers who write about the forbidden wisdom. Why else persecute and imprison someone just for writing some articles, some pamphlets or some book?

But the truth about Folk and Fatherland – the almost forgotten wisdom of life – has been re-discovered, written about and so will live on, transmitted by both old and new means. So will it live to reach a new generation and the generations after that until, sometime in the future, this truth will be made real again in a new Golden Age society.

The persecutions of the present only serve to hasten this glorious future of ours, for as the Greek poet Aeschylus wrote nearly two and half thousand years ago, there is and will be a learning from adversity.

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(30) [2012 Addendum] Prior to the publication, in the Fall of 2012, of a book, published by the world-renowned Oxford University Press, which contained a chapter devoted to Myatt and the occult group the Order of Nine Angles, Myatt for the first time wrote at some length about his alleged involvement, in the 1970s, with Occultism.

Myatt explanation – in his two essays The Ethos of Extremism and A Matter of Honour – is extraordinarily interesting. For example, he writes that

” [the] covert group would essentially be a honeytrap, to attract non-political people who might be or who had the potential to be useful to the cause even if, or especially if, they had to be ‘blackmailed’ or persuaded into doing so at some future time […] The outer nature chosen for the group which was of a secret Occult group with the ‘offer’, the temptation, of sexual favours from female members in a ritualized Occult setting, with some of these female members being ‘on the game’ and associated with someone who was associated with my small gang of thieves.”

This sounds very much like a tactic someone involved in state-sponsored covert surveillance and intelligence gathering would use. That this explanation was issued by Myatt while the aforementioned book was at the printers – pre-publication – I also find interesting. The book in question is Per Faxneld & Jesper Petersen (eds), The Devil’s Party: Satanism in Modernity. Oxford University Press, 2012

The ONA, therefore, may well have been created by a state asset as a means of gathering intelligence and recruiting suitable individuals to undertake acts of subversion, extremism, and terrorism, under the pretext of ‘occult training’.

(31) Julie Wright: The Promethean Peregrinations of David Myatt – A Brief Biography. e-text, 2009.

Further Reading:

Undercover Spies

A Modern Mysterium: The Enigma of Myatt And The O9A