Fifty Years


Editorial Note: The following extract is from Myatt’s 2012 essay Fifty Years Of Diverse Peregrinations and which essay he included in his 2013 book Religion, Empathy, and Pathei-Mathos: Essays and Letters Regarding Spirituality, Humility, and A Learning From Grief available as that book is both as a free e-text (myatt-religion-and-pathei-mathos.pdf ) and as a printed book, ISBN 9781484097984.


In fifty years of diverse peregrinations – which included forty years of practical involvement with various religions and spiritual ways, practical involvement with extremisms both political and religious, and some seven years of intense interior reflexion occasioned by a personal tragedy – I have come to appreciate and to admire what the various religions and the diverse spiritual ways have given to us over some three thousand years.

Thus have I sensed that our world is, and has been, a better place because of them and that we, as a sentient species, are en masse better because of them. Thus it is that I personally – even though I have developed my own non-religious weltanschauung – have a great respect for religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism; for spiritual ways such as Buddhism, Taoism; for older paganisms such as (i) θεοί and Μοῖραι τρίμορφοι μνήμονές τ᾽ Ἐρινύες, and (ii) άγνωστος θεός, and for the slowly evolving more recent paganisms evident for instance in a spiritual concern for the welfare of our planet and for the suffering we have for so long inflicted on other humans and on the other life with which we share this planet.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, I disagree with those who, often intemperate in words or deeds – or both – disrespectfully fail to appreciate such religions and spiritual ways and the treasure, the culture, the pathei-mathos, that they offer, concentrating as such intemperate people so often do on what they perceive to be or feel to be are the flaws, the mistakes, of such religions and such spiritual ways while so often ignoring (as such people tend to do) their own personal flaws, their own mistakes, as well as the reality that it is we humans beings – with our ὕβρις, with our lack of humility, our lack of appreciation for the numinous, and with our intolerance and our often arrogant and harsh interpretations of such religions – who have been the cause and who continue to be the cause of such suffering as has blighted and as still blights this world.

As Heraclitus mentioned over two thousand years ago:

ὕβριν χρὴ σβεννύναι μᾶλλον ἢ πυρκαϊὴν 

Better to deal with your hubris before you confront that fire

David Myatt


Why I Am A National-Socialist


Following several requests, we reproduce here a 1996 essay by David Myatt titled Why I Am A National-Socialist. It was written during his association with Combat 18 and a few months before he founded and became the first leader of the National-Socialist Movement.

The essay is mentioned (p. 512) and reproduced (pp. 516-521) in Jeffrey Kaplan, Encyclopedia of White Power: A Sourcebook on the Radical Racist Right, Rowman & Littlefield, 2000. ISBN 978-0742503403.

Why I Am A National-Socialist

L’alchimie baeldracienne de l’Ordre des Neuf Angles

Order of Nine Angles


The introduction to a new French translation of Anton Long’s text Baeldraca: From Causal to Acausal Terror, is – as with the introductions to their other recent translation of O9A material – esoterically interesting and informative. The introduction and translation are available at –


Order of Nine Angles



Azoth, Alchemy, and the O9A




Esoterikos – Dernières paroles d’Anton Long

Order of Nine Angles


Accompanying a French translation of Anton Long’s seminal Esoterikos text is an exceptionally interesting, and esoterically informative, introduction (also in French) by the translator.

The original article is available here:

A pdf version available here: esoterikos-chaosophie-v3.pdf


N.B. We have updated the pdf to include the translation of Anton Long’s Lapis Philosophicus at


Order of Nine Angles


Editorial Note: We reproduce here an article by Anton Long published in 2011 and not (to our knowledge) reproduced since. The article is important for understanding not only the ‘sinister’ Aeonic strategy (the sinister dialectic) of the Order of Nine Angles (ONA/O9A) but also the O9A itself.

Balewa – The Way of Kindred Honour and Dark-Empathy