One Vagabond



A new collection of some of the recent writings of David Myatt, with the title One Vagabond In Exile From The Gods Some Personal and Metaphysical Musings, is now (September 24, 2014) available as both a printed book (ISBN 978-1502396105) and a free pdf download (see link below). As Myatt writes in the Preface:

The essays collected here – five of which were written this year and one of which is a revision of an older essay – compliment two similar compilations of mine published in 2013, The Numinous Way of Pathei Mathos (ISBN 9781484096642) and Religion, Empathy, and Pathei-Mathos: Essays and Letters Regarding Spirituality, Humility, and A Learning From Grief (ISBN 9781484097984).



° The Way Of Pathei-Mathos – A Précis
° Education And The Culture Of Pathei-Mathos
° A Vagabond In Exile From The Gods
° The Consolation Of A Viator
° Some Questions For DWM
° Toward Understanding The Acausal