Esoteric Hitlerism


Esoteric Hitlerism:
Idealism, the Third Reich and the Essence of National-Socialism

In respect of the future of National-Socialism – that idealistic, noble, but mis-understood way of life – it is important to understand that National- Socialist Germany was only a beginning of the practical implementation of National-Socialism. That is, a complete National-Socialist society was being worked toward, but was never fully achieved because of the circumstances of the time – in particular the advent of the First Zionist War (commonly called the Second World War) with the need for Germany to fight a total war in order to try and survive. In many ways, Adolf Hitler (as he himself admitted, for instance to Leon Degrelle) had to make several compromises in order to not only achieve power, but also to keep power in the face of external and internal problems.

The truth is that many Germans of the time were not National-Socialists – that is, upholders of the ethic of personal honour who strove to live by the ideals of duty to the folk and absolute loyalty to their comrades. Many Germans supported the political principles of National-Socialism for their own reasons, but had not changed themselves into honourable, idealistic individuals; that is, they had not achieved an inner, personal, revolution – a triumph of the will – based upon NS ideals. Similarly, many Institutions of time (one particularly thinks here of the Officer corps of the Germany Army) were not National-Socialist in nature.

Thus, while NS Germany (what it was, not what Zionist hate propaganda has made it appear) should be considered as an inspiring model for us and future generations, it should not be looked upon as the perfect, ideal, National- Socialist society. That ideal society was being built, through organizations such as the SS and the Hitler Youth, but was never achieved due to the triumph of the ignoble Zionists. In effect, NS Germany was but the prototype of the ideal society which it is possible for us to build, given a genuine revolution – that is, both an outer, social revolution, and an inner personal revolution among the majority of individuals.

It is our task – and that of future generations – to lay the foundations for this complete National-Socialist society. To do this, we must expound pure, idealistic National-Socialism, untainted by any compromise with the societies of out time. That is, we must expressly state what National-Socialism is and involves, however “impractical” or idealistic it might seem, and however unpopular.

It is not our task to simply win over, through the propaganda and rhetoric of a political movement, a majority of the people of a particular nation or society in order to try and win some sort of political power. This is not our task because such political power is transitory – and easily destroyed by our enemies – unless those people who have been won over are dedicated, idealistic National-Socialists.

We do not need political propaganda – such as stirring speeches, rallies, marches, strident appeals – which only ever appeals to the fickle emotions of people. Instead, we need reasoned literature; factual stories of National- Socialist heroism; and living examples of National-Socialism in action, both individual and communal. That is, we need to show the idealism, the truths, of National-Socialism by personal example – through our own deeds and projects, and through the deeds of those who struggled, and often died, for the cause of National-Socialism.

We need to do this because our aim is to create a new way of living – a totally new order – without any compromise whatsoever. Our aim is not to win (or worse, try to seize) some transitory political power by any means where, through compromise or lack of the right people in the right numbers, we sow the seeds of our own future downfall.

Our way must be the natural, organic way – to grow slowly, but securely, from small beginnings; to root ourselves deeply within our own people; so deeply that no storm of our enemy can uproot us. To root ourselves in such a way we must rid our cause of all the dishonourable, political, trappings our Cause has unfortunately acquired since the defeat of NS Germany. We must also do away with all the political trappings, all the emotive rhetoric, all the propaganda, all the compromises which Adolf Hitler and his NSDAP had to use in order to win power and begin to create a true National-Socialist society. That is, we must step out from the past and concentrate on the future, while still retaining our links to this past which is both our heritage and our inspiration.

We must understand and then expound the essence of National-Socialism, the eternal truths and wisdom of National-Socialism – and not continue to use, or rely on, the tactics which were once used, and had then to be used, in order to try and make this idealistic essence real in a particular society at a particular time in history.

The Essence of National-Socialism

The essence of National-Socialism can be expressed in three words: honour, loyalty and duty. Personal honour is the basis for the morality of National- Socialism; it is our guide to how we should conduct ourselves. Loyalty is one important practical expression of both personal honour and duty: our honour means that we are loyal to both our duty, and those to whom we have pledged our loyalty.

Our duty is to strive to aid Nature: that is, to strive for personal and racial excellence, for according to National-Socialism race and individual, noble, character are manifestations of Nature – of Nature striving to evolve toward higher forms, toward more Order. That is, our duty is to strive for a personal Triumph of the Will and a folkish Triumph of the Will. Our honour demands that we strive to do this duty in an honourable and loyal way – in accord with the ethics, the morality, of National-Socialism.

This means that whatever we do, we should strive to be honourable – that is, fair, courteous, reasonable, resolute and prepared to defend ourselves, and those to whom we have pledged loyalty. The morality of National-Socialism also demands that we uphold freedom, and truth. Both freedom and truth arise when strong individuals – individuals of moral character, guided by honour, loyalty and duty – do what is right and strive to create a noble way of living for themselves, their kin and their folk.

On the practical level we must accept that National-Socialism does not involve any kind of racial hatred, racial prejudice or racial intolerance. Rather, it expresses a concern for and love of, our own folk and desires our folk to live in a free and honourable society. Most importantly, National- Socialism expresses the desire for other races to be free, and for all free races to co-operate together for their mutual advantage, well-being and development. Correctly understood, National-Socialism is an affirmation of our humanity: a way of living applicable to all races, not just the Aryan race. It is an affirmation of our human diversity and difference, created by Nature on whom we all depend. This affirmation was evident, for instance, in the SS, which accepted members from individuals of non-Aryan cultures. The SS were modern warriors, with a warrior’s way of thinking and being: strong, proud, respectful of bravery and valour in others (including “the enemy”), honourable, given to humour in adversity, loving of their own kind, and open-minded and tolerant of other cultures.

What has hitherto not been very well understood in respect of National- Socialism, is that it is not race which defines our humanity – it is honour and reason. Race is our relation to Nature: how Nature is expressed, is manifest, in us. As such race is important and indeed vital; but so is honour. It is the combination of an acceptance of both race and honour which is National- Socialism. An affirmation of race without an affirmation honour is not National-Socialism, just as an affirmation of honour without an affirmation of race is not National-Socialism. It is this living, organic, dialectic of honour and race which defines National-Socialism itself, and a National-Socialist is an individual who strives to do their honourable duty to both their own race and Nature herself, of which other human races are a part. That is, a National-Socialist must always be honourable, whatever the consequences, or the perceived consequences. Quite often, this means a National-Socialist is faced with what seems to be difficult choices and difficult decisions, although in reality if National-Socialism itself is properly understood, there is no conflict, no moral dilemma and no difficulty in doing the right, the honourable, thing.

Thus if something, some act or deed, seems to affirm race – or be beneficial to one’s race – but is dishonourable, then that something is not something a National-Socialist should do. What honour does is define our duty to our race and other races – it prevents us from committing hubris: that is, prevents us from “overstepping the mark”, from being insolent toward Nature and “the gods” (or God).

It is this understanding, this wisdom, these truths, which we must defend, speak and write of, and which we must use to form the foundations of that New Order which we, and all honourable people of all races, desire to live in. Anything which contradicts this understanding, this wisdom, these truths, however beneficial, necessary or advantageous it may seem in the short term, must be rejected as a denial of our honourable duty.

Our enemy is not some other race (or races) – and not even the Zionists. Our enemy is ourselves: our lack of understanding; our lack of honour; our lack of reason; our inability (often out of laziness) to change ourselves for the better by using our will. We cannot blame our problems on someone else, on some race or races, or even the Zionists. What is now, came to be as it came to be, through the workings of life, of Nature herself and if we desire to change what now is, we can and will if we strive in the right way – in accord with the truths, the wisdom of life itself.

To achieve what we desire to achieve – to express our humanity, to work in harmony with Nature and so continue our evolution – we must achieve our own Triumph of the Will by striving to be honourable, by being loyal, and by striving to do our duty to Nature in an honourable way. It is as profoundly simple as that.

A Personal Learning

Like many National-Socialists who live in the post First Zionist War world, I have in the past, out of desire to at least do something, used both the rhetoric and the tactics employed by the NSDAP in the hope of gaining some kind of political power. Thus, my older writings – and the propaganda I employed as leader of the now disbanded National-Socialist Movement – contain much strident rhetoric and appeals for political action of one kind or another. I have given all of my adult life to striving to aid the Cause in one way or another, as have many other National-Socialists.

In the past thirty or more years, I have used every tactic I could, some covert, some overt, some dubious and perhaps dishonourable, to further our noble Cause, as I have, on occasion, used deceit to try and deceive our now powerful enemies. In the end I and those others who have used similar tactics have achieved nothing because the tactics, and sometimes the intention, were wrong, as I have slowly and painfully learned from experience. This post First Zionist War world is very different from the world which Adolf Hitler and the members of his NSDAP knew and many people – myself included – have in past mistaken some of the rhetoric of the past for the essence.

We have concentrated on fighting perceived enemies, and on somehow taking over the status quo, to the detriment of what is fundamentally important. We have perceived our duty as fighting these perceived enemies, and taking part in some war, whereas our real duty is to be and to strive to be a becoming, a continuation of our folk and of evolution itself – to belong to our folk; to be honourable; to express our humanity through our Nature-given talents and abilities; to create genuine folk communities in harmony with Nature.

We have been caught up in the new species of time which has been brought into existence in the world by the defeat of National-Socialist Germany, whereas we need to return to the time of our own being, of which National- Socialist Germany was but a brief but glorious glimpse: a striving toward. This time of our being is the time of honourable humans; of folk communities valuing ancestral customs; of striving for a balance with Nature, where what is sacred is understood and respected. This time is the way of individuals working together, slowly, over many decades by valuing what is right and doing only that which links them to the past, the future and Nature herself.

The time of this present world is the time of hubris; of arrogance; of a pride unrestrained by honour, loyalty and duty; of a terrible and costly war between abstract ideas and abstract values. For this present world is the inhuman world of a burgeoning, culture-destroying world-wide tyranny. This time is the time where societies strive against one another; where political parties vie for power using whatever means they can; of political campaigns and the desire to win votes or some kind of power.

We cannot fight the world of this modern abstract time without becoming of this time – without corrupting and losing the essence of our way; without losing our very being, as honourable, folk-aware, Nature-aware individuals in harmony with Nature and the cosmos beyond. Instead, we must just simply be what we are – or rather, strive to be what we should be, and let this world of this modern time continue as it will continue, toward its inevitable destruction. There is thus no external war to fight; no perceived enemy to struggle against; no political action. There is only a slow, necessary, building of the future based upon the wisdom of National-Socialism. There must be Blood and Soil, a homeland of individuals bound together through tradition, way of living, of being, and understanding, of love of the homeland, before there can be Conquest and Exploration.

The world of the slow time of Blood and Soil, of deep, wordless love of homeland, of a dwelling where Nature was understood and respected, of personal honour, of respecting folk traditions and ways, was what was brutally destroyed by the First Zionist War and the terrible, ignoble persecutions which followed.

What is the essence of the understanding now required – what is our correct way of being – is to transcend our own ego, our own personal lives; to see ourselves as a nexus between the past of our folk and its future. We must transcend our own personal concerns; even our own personal feelings and personal desires: the anger we may feel; the sadness. For it is this transcendence of ourselves, this seeing of ourselves as a nexus between our folk past and our folk future, which is the essence of true human understanding: the tremendous and revolutionary insight which National- Socialism brings and which is the time of the being we should strive to dwell in. We belong to our folk, to Nature and the very cosmos. Honour, loyalty and duty are but a means whereby we can dwell as we should: as human beings capable of evolving still further.

To dwell in this modern world with its modern abstract time, its politics, its contending societies, its egotism, its pride, its misplaced hatred, is to dwell in the realm of barbarism where our very humanity is at best denied, and at worst, lost.

Instead, we must cultivate the insight of ourselves as a living link, a nexus, as we must cultivate the understanding this insight brings. Thus, we should not seek to be of the societies of this modern time, but rather seek to build our own, new, societies, imbued with our own time – the time of Nature; of the folk community; of personal honour; of understanding the nexus which we are. Thus, and only thus, can we make real some time in the future, the essence of National-Socialism.

Until then, we can remember with fondness the world which has gone – glimpsed in the faded photographs of pre-war Germany; briefly captured in the epic Triumph of the Will; and recalled whenever we remember the sacrifices of those who perished fighting for the noble way of life we treasure and understand without the need for words.

David Myatt