Book Review: Mystic Philosophy Of David Myatt

David Myatt

J.R. Wright & R. Parker. The Mystic Philosophy Of David Myatt. 2016. 56 pages.
ISBN 978-1523930135. BISAC: Philosophy / Metaphysics

The book consists of four essays by two different authors about Myatt’s philosophy of pathei-mathos, and an appendix which reprints Myatt’s short Note On Greek Terms In The Philosophy Of Pathei-Mathos.

Taken together the essays are intended to provide a useful introduction to that philosophy. Which, with some minor reservations, they do.

The reservations stem from the liberal use by both contributing authors of the ‘technical’ (often Greek) terms used by Myatt in his philosophy, and the fact that neither author provides, at the beginning of any of the essays, a non-technical simply written overview of Myatt’s philosophy. In addition, a glossary of such technical, philosophical, terms – similar to the glossary Myatt includes in his 2013 book The Numinous Way Of Pathei-Mathos – would have been a useful addition, especially given that the appendix concentrates on why Myatt uses Greek terms, sometimes in an idiosyncratic manner. Thus to fully appreciate these essays one really has to be familiar with the four works (1) by Myatt which describe his philosophy or at least have those works to hand.

That said, the essays are detailed and fairly comprehensive in their coverage of Myatt’s philosophy, dealing as they do with topics such as what Myatt means by ‘physis’, masculous and muliebral, honor, and acausal knowing; why his philosophy is a mystical one, and why, for example, “humility is one of the personal virtues” of that philosophy. While – due to the self-contained nature of each of the essays – there is some overlap, the four essays do compliment each other with, for instance, J.R. Wright’s A Modern Mystic adding to the perspective provided by R. Parker in his A Modern Pagan Philosophy and his Honour In The Philosophy Of Pathei-Mathos.

As one of the authors writes, summarizing Myatt’s philosophy:

“What Myatt has developed in his philosophy of pathei-mathos is, essentially, a contemporary mystical ‘paganus’ philosophy in the classical tradition, and thus one which dispenses with all the unnecessary accretions, and misunderstandings, of the past century that have become attached to ‘modern paganism’. For at the heart of Myatt’s individualistic paganism are the virtues of personal honour, of learning, of education, of culture, of self-restraint [εὐταξία] and of duty.”

The book is available from Amazon dot com, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers. The work is also available as a pdf download here –

The book contents are:

I. A Modern Mystic: David Myatt And The Way of Pathei-Mathos.
II. A Modern Pagan Philosophy.
III. Honour In The Philosophy Of Pathei-Mathos.
IV. An Overview of The Philosophy of Pathei-Mathos
Part One: Anti-Racism, Extremism, Honour, and Culture
Part Two: Humility, Empathy, and Pathei-Mathos.
Appendix. A Note On Greek Terms In The Philosophy Of Pathei-Mathos.

February 2016

(1) The four works are The Numinous Way of Pathei-Mathos, published in 2013; Religion, Empathy, and Pathei-Mathos, also published in 2013; One Vagabond In Exile From The Gods: Some Personal and Metaphysical Musings, published in 2014; and Sarigthersa, published in May 2015. All are freely available – as pdf’s – from Myatt’s blog at