Deverills Nexion

Order of Nine Angles


There is a very interesting and informative, recent, article about the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) and the Deverill’s Nexion, which English nexion has produced not only some of the best ‘sinisterly-numinous musick’ to date but also musick that is genuinely and (to date) uniquely redolent of the ancestral pagan ethos of the O9A:

As noted in the article:

“[O]ne aspect of ONA praxis appears to be highly relevant to this feature, and that is the role which landscape/nature plays in the Sevenfold (or Septenary) Way, particularly (at least, initially) the landscapes of Britain. Emerging from the world of the Marcher lords’ parishes, hidden valleys, moorlands (especially Long Mynd), winding lanes and a Medieval tapestry of fields and rivers, the ONA’s roots in Shropshire make it (aside from a highly individual, secretive and dedicated pursuit) distinctively ‘folkish’ – not völkisch – in aesthetic. The emphasis on landscape and creating sites of worship in rural/wild environments is key to ONA praxis […] The ONA and its mythos have a peculiarly English feeling behind it. The world conjured by Myatt is one that has been described as filled with rural outlaws, cunning folk, lonely cottages…”