O9A, National Socialism, and Islam


The pdf below contains two interesting Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) typewritten articles by Anton Long reproduced from volume III of Hostia, published in 1992. Both articles were written and first distributed around the same time, the late 1980s, with the main (4 page) article placing O9A support of National Socialism, and holocaust denial, into the correct esoteric, Aeonic, context. Of particular interest, given the 1980s date of the MS, is the mention of supporting Islam.

Included as an appendix is an extract from a typewritten letter by Anton Long to ‘Lea’ written in September 1990 and included in volume II of The Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown. The letter places the Satanism of the O9A into context: a causal form, limited to the current Aeon, used to achieve Aeonic goals.

The Practical Aims of Satanism