Ginger Jihadis

David Myatt

David Myatt


Myatt was the subject of a (slightly inaccurate) paragraph in a recent humorous/hoax article on the well-known conservative Breitbart News website regarding the (alleged) preponderance of ginger-haired people who convert to Islam and become Jihadis. A large photo of Myatt – resplendent with ginger beard and the caption “Once a leading light of the British neo-Nazi movement, Myatt converted to Islam, becoming a notable apologist for suicide bombing civilians. Has now moved on” – was also included in the article which was entitled Ginger Jihadis: Why Redheads are Attracted to Radical Islam.

“Red-haired Brit David Myatt was a neo-Nazi autodidact who converted to Islam in 2003, but then rejected it in 2010 to develop his own “mystical philosophy” called The Way of Pathei-Mathos.”

The veracity of the article can be gauged by the documented fact that Myatt converted to Islam in 1998, not – as claimed in the article – in 2003.


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