Understanding The Supernatural

Order of Nine Angles


Time, Acausality, The Supernatural, And Scientific Theories

From the Introduction:

The work brings together, from various sources, essays dealing with the theory – the idea – of acausality proposed by David Myatt in the 1970s, subsequently developed by him as part of his philosophy of pathei-mathos, and which Myattian theory is primarily metaphysical. For it posits a bifurcation of Time, and an ontology of causal and acausal being, such that the cosmos is considered to consist of a (mostly unknown, to us) acausal universe (with acausal energy) and of a known (an observable, to us) causal universe containing an energy familiar to us from sciences such as physics, astronomy, and chemistry.

Myatt’s metaphysical theory of Time and of Space was subsequently adopted by the occult group the Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) and used by them in order to explain both the supernatural and sorcery, where the supernatural is defined (in the Complete Oxford English Dictionary) as:

“belonging to a realm or system that transcends Nature. As that of divine, magical, or ghostly beings. Attributed to or thought to reveal some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of Nature. Occult, paranormal.”

Thus, for the O9A, the acausal became the supernatural ‘realm of acausal beings’; with ourselves as a living nexion between causal and acausal; with archetypes as manifestations of acausal energy in our psyche; with sorcery understood as ‘the presencing of acausal energy’; and with certain acausal beings – such as the shapeshifter historically named Satan, and entities such as dragons – having manifested themselves to us in the past: as having egressed into (or visited) our causal dimensions.

Part One features essays by Myatt: an extract from his detailed Time and The Separation of Otherness, and his Some Notes On The Theory of The Acausal. These provide a recent overview of his metaphysical theory, and thus serve to place into context the other essays, in Part Two, which are concerned with the use of this theory by the O9A. I have also included the text Alchemical Seasons and The Fluxions of Time, which presents, in a modern manner, the pagan insight of the ancient Camlad occult tradition in relation to Time, Nature, and ‘the heavens’; and which esoteric Camlad tradition, although adopted and adapted by the O9A in the 1970s, maintained and still maintains an independent existence through a very small number of reclusive individuals in certain rural parts of England.

Time, Acausality, The Supernatural, And Scientific Theories


Part One – The Myattian Metaphysical Theory of Time and Space

° Time and The Separation of Otherness
° Some Notes On The Theory of The Acausal

Part Two: Acausality And The Order Of Nine Angles

° Debunking The Chaos – Sorcery and the Esoteric Nature of The Acausal
° Acausality, The Dark Gods, and The Order of Nine Angles
° Satan, Acausal Entities, and The Order of Nine Angles
° Alchemical Seasons and The Fluxions of Time