Myatt and Searchlight, Yet Again

David Myatt

David Myatt

David Myatt and Searchlight, Yet Again

Almost every year since 1998 someone somewhere reposts the allegations made about David Myatt in a 1998 edition of the UK-based anti-fascist Searchlight magazine under the title The Most Evil Nazi in Britain. Sometimes facsimile images of the article, in whole or in part, are posted, often on some conspiracy or occult internet forum or other when Myatt’s name gets mentioned.

The last reincarnation was a few days ago, on a conspiracy forum. This time, however, their appearance elicited a riposte which, in a world full of rational human beings, would have put paid once and for all to the allegations made in that article. Quoted below is the riposte, of which the most notable – and in our view most important – part is the last section, beginning  “Here’s the thing – a few months before those Searchlight allegations were published, Myatt had been arrested in a dawn raid…”

In a recent (2012) comment about such allegations, David Myatt – obliquely referring to people such as those involved with Searchlight – wrote that:

“I harbour no resentment against individuals, or organizations, or groups, who over the past forty or so years have publicly and/or privately made negative or derogatory comments about me or published items making claims about me. Indeed, I now find myself in the rather curious situation of not only agreeing with some of my former political opponents on many matters, but also (perhaps) of understanding (and empathizing with) their motivation; a situation which led and which leads me to appreciate even more just how lamentable my extremism was and just how arrogant, selfish, wrong, and reprehensible, I as a person was, and how in many ways many of those former opponents were and are (ex concesso) better people than I ever was or am.” Source –

As for the people at Searchlight, they appear to have lost interest in Myatt years ago; perhaps helped by Myatt’s recent writings lamenting his extremist past and rejecting all types of extremism, and also by articles such as David Myatt Has A Change Of Heart which appeared on an anti-fascist, pro-Israeli blog.

Indeed, to their credit, a recent item on the Searchlight website posed the following questions, “Do truth and accuracy matter or is it acceptable to distort facts and their analysis in the interests of fighting fascism and racism? Does the end justify the means, however questionable the means are, or do dubious means taint and damage the ends?” with them answering that there are “three main objections to the sort of riding roughshod over the facts that I have observed recently in one section of the antifascist movement. Firstly, knowingly departing from the truth is unethical, immoral and wrong. Secondly, when it comes to fascists the facts condemn them without need for embellishment. And thirdly, distorting the truth might seem superficially beneficial, but you cannot build a strong and effective campaign on shaky foundations and you risk not being believed about anything.”


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Those unsubstantiated [1998] Searchlight smears have long been disproved. The article itself was full of weasel-words, and here’s what Myatt himself wrote about those allegations in an article published in 1998, an article subsequently republished in the Reichsfolk Situation Report of 2003:

“Not once, in the past thirty years, has anyone provided any evidence of my alleged involvement with the Order of Nine Angles or with Satanism in general […]

One of the unsubstantiated allegations of the Searchlight crowd is that I was a friend of someone called Vik Norris – something they blandly stated in their alleged ‘expose’ of me, under the headline The Most Evil Nazi in Britain, in the April 1998 issue of Searchlight magazine. No evidence for this allegation was presented then, or subsequently.

Indeed, the article simply contains bland assertions by them about me and Satanism with no evidence presented to support such assertions. For example:
(1) they stated that the ONA was “formed by Myatt himself in the early 1980′s” but offer no proof for this claim of theirs;
(2) they write about “Myatt and his satanic friends” yet never name these alleged ‘satanic’ friends or provide any proof of involvement by any of my friends with Satanism;
(3) they claim that “within days of being investigated”, the ONA withdrew its material from the Internet and that I had shaved off my beard in an attempt to disguise myself, with yet again no evidence being provided for these allegations, which were patently untrue, as anyone could have verified at the time by searching the Internet, calling on me at my home or place of work or asking those with whom I worked.”

Here’s the thing – a few months before those Searchlight allegations were published, Myatt had been arrested in a dawn raid by police officers from the SO12 unit at Scotland Yard on suspicion of, among others things, conspiracy to murder. Prior to his arrest he had been under surveillance by MI5 for a year or more with all his communications – mail, telephone, e-mails, internet – monitored by GCHQ.

Did all this professional covert surveillance and monitoring provide any evidence at all of his involvement with satanism and the occult? No.

Did the police officers who interrogated Myatt after his arrest and on the five subsequent occasions when he (complete with full beard) was questioned by them at Charing Cross police station in London obtain an admission by Myatt concerning his involvement with satanism and the occult? No.

Did the police officers based at Scotland Yard in their subsequent three year investigation of Myatt – involving MI5, MI6, Interpol, the FBI, and the Canadian police – find any evidence at all of Myatt’s involvement with satanism and the occult? No.

So there you have it. You have a choice between: (1) Years of professional covert surveillance and three years of an international investigation failing to turn up any evidence of Myatt’s involvement with satanism and the occult verses (2) some allegations made in a magazine and subsequently repeated ad naeseum by others.

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