Comment on Myngath

David Myatt

The following comment on David Myatt’s autobiography Myngath recently appeared on Google books –

“Myngath is an interesting and at times a fascinating read of one man’s rather extraordinary journey, over decades, from right-wing, neo-nazi, extremism to self understanding via two personal tragedies. A journey which included not only political extremism, small-time racketeering, and jail time for violence, but also periods as a vagabond, a Catholic monk, a conversion to Islam and time spent as a Muslim, and – finally – the development of a new philosophy which Myatt calls ‘the numinous way of pathei-mathos’.

The book reads well with a fast paced narrative that owes much to the fact that it is “an aural recollection to a friend, recorded and then transcribed,” and – one presumes – subsequently corrected and revised given that this is marked as the ‘May 2013 Edition’.

Given that Myatt is honest about his mistakes, his shortcomings, his violent extremist past, his feelings and motivations while an extremist, and his selfishness, and – finally – about his remorse and regrets, Myngath is a valuable addition to the literature about extremism, and it would not be out of place on a pre-college reading list for those about to study the humanities.

Myngath is available as a free pdf download here – david-myatt-myngath.pdf – and as printed book, ISBN 978-1484110744, from Amazon dot com.