David Myatt – A Quick Guide

David Myatt

David Myatt

David Myatt – A Quick Guide





Early Years

Africa and the Far East. Various colonial schools. Studied Martial Arts. Returned to England in 1967.

Known For/Career Highlights

  • Far-right violent political activism, 1968-1974 (British Movement, NDFM), 1993-1998 (Combat 18)
  • Bodyguard of Colin Jordan (occasional, 1969-1971)
  • Imprisonment for violence, 1972-1973, 1975
  • Involvement with the paramilitary group Column 88, 1973-1976
  • Catholic monk 1976-1978
  • Writing the practical terrorist guide that (allegedly) inspired David Copeland
  • Founding and being the first leader of the NSM, 1997-1998
  • Arrest for incitement to murder, 1998 (case dropped due to ‘lack of evidence’)
  • Conversion to Islam, 1998
  • Supporting Al-Qaeda, 2000-2006
  • being married three times
  • Translating works by Sophocles, Aeschylus, Sappho, Homer
  • Apostasy from Islam, 2009
  • Rejecting all types of extremism, 2010
  • Developing a mystical compassionate philosophy (the Way of Pathei-Mathos), 2010-2012
  • His short collection of poems, One Exquisite Silence, 2012
  • Writing a book entitled Understanding and Rejecting Extremism: A Very Strange Peregrination, 2013
  • His autobiography, Myngath Some Recollections of Wyrdful and Extremist Life (revised edition May 2013)
  • A translation of and commentary on the Poemandres section of the Corpus Hermeticum, 2013

Described By Others (between 1998 and 2010) As

  • a British iconoclast
  • a deeply subversive intellectual
  • an ethereal character
  • a dangerous man
  • a martial arts expert
  • one of the more interesting figures on the British neo-nazi scene since the 1970s
  • the leading hardline nazi intellectual in Britain since the 1960s
  • having written a detailed step-by-step guide for terrorist insurrection
  • a man of extreme and calculated hatred
  • a ferocious Jihadi
  • an intriguing theorist
  • the mentor who drove David Copeland to kill
  • being the founder and leader of the subversive occult group, the Order of Nine Angles (an allegation Myatt has always denied)
  • having undertaken a global odyssey which took him on extended stays in the Middle East and East Asia
  • having traveled and spoken in several Arab countries and written one of the most detailed defences in the English language of Islamic suicide attacks
  • Le leader charismatique du mouvement néo-nazi anglais; expert en arts martiaux et en actions commando
  • being on a multi-decade intellectual/spiritual journey that has taken him far beyond his NS origins

Described By Himself (in 2012) As

  • having made, and knowing and feeling I made, so many mistakes, shown such poor judgement, been so arrogant, so selfish, for so many decades
  • having no excuses for my extremist past, for the suffering I caused to loved ones, to family, to friends, to those many more, those far more, ‘unknown others’ who were or who became the ‘enemies’ posited by some extremist ideology. No excuses because the extremism, the intolerance, the hatred, the violence, the inhumanity, the prejudice were mine; my responsibility, born from and expressive of my character; and because the discovery of, the learning of, the need to live, to regain, my humanity arose because of and from others and not because of me

Myatt Admitted (in 2012) That

  • in the 1970’s he helped to set up an occult honey-trap for the sole purpose of attracting and recruiting non-political individuals who might be useful to the political cause he then believed in
  • he disowns and rejects all his pre-2011 writings and effusions, save for his Greek translations, some of his poetry, and some private letters written between 2002 and 2011


Most of the information is taken from the Wikipedia article about David Myatt; the rest from Myatt’s own blog and JR Wright’s short 2009 biography of Myatt.