Whither Came The Numinous Way?

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David Myatt

David Myatt

The Curious Case of Mr. David Myatt

Part Two

Whither Came The Numinous Way?


In his 2012 e-text entitled A Matter of Honour, David Myatt, after over-viewing the evidence presented by Senholt, Goodrick-Clarke and others about his alleged involvement with Satanism, raised the issue of his Numinous Way, aka his philosophy of pathei-mathos, and of his personal writings since 2006. He rhetorically asked why such writings of his have been ignored by those, such as Senholt, who claim both that he is Anton Long and that he is “paramount to the whole creation and existence of the ONA.” {1}

Myatt’s own answer to his rhetorical question is that

“…because [such writings] honestly reveal the thoughts and feelings and ideas and experiences and (importantly) the failings of someone so different from a satanist that they have to be ignored.”

In David Myatt, Satanism, and the Order of Nine Angles, JRW gives another possible explanation, writing that those who believe the ‘Myatt is Anton Long and a satanist’ scenario

“…have to explain Myatt’s life – and his philosophy, his personal letters, and his mystical writings – since 2006, and which life and which writings (many of which writings deal with humility, compassion, his remorse about his extremist past, and his mistakes) do not fit the theory of Myatt being either a life-long satanist or some dedicated ruthless covert government asset. The only explanations consistent with those versions of Myatt’s life are the following additional assumptions: (i) that his numinous way/philosophy of pathei-mathos is something he does not personally believe in, and he diabolically constructed it as some sort of smokescreen or jape and (ii) that his personal writings are all lies, some clever attempt (by an amoral genius) at obfuscation to divert attention.”

However, there are other explanations; but whether plausible or implausible, or even fallacious, is for each person to decide.

Consider, for example, the following explanation, posted in 2011 on an occult internet forum by someone who claimed at the time to be part of an established and English-based Order of Nine Angles group named the L316 Lympstone Nexion, which group had, briefly, a website associated with that short-lived internet phenomena known as ONA 3.0 and which ONA 3.0 had a decidedly pro-anarchist stance:

“As to the Numinous Way, I think that’s the most subversive of the entire tri-headed monster that is the memeplex (ONA, Numinous Way, Reichsfolk). It has a nice coating of ‘respect for all life’ and empathy which are things I can agree with absolutely, and are much easier to accept than the focus on the Sinister of the ONA, however both have the same aim in my view. Imagine if the Numinous Way caught on (which it’s more apt to do than the ONA by definition), and people developed that profound and real respect for one another as Nexions – and people comported themselves with absolute responsibility. By definition the deaths the system causes and running around after money would become repugnant (because it is) naturally as people became more aware of what they were contributing to (as the meme requires). The Numinous way also requires a degree of self reliance and self awareness that the system currently finds repugnant. Imagine if they (per the tenets of the Numinous Way) resolved their disputes among each other (without relying on the state, including through trial by combat). What you’d have is a group of people, driven by a seemingly ‘positive’ motive, living totally outside the law (among their own) and actively taking responsibility for the horrific actions that the state forces them to be party to every day. They’d be de facto criminals in the eyes of the State. That’s truly subversive right there, but also esoterically does represent the complete circle. It’s the reconciliation where the Sinister Numinous, meets the Numinous.”

In this and similar scenarios the author of the ‘numinous way’ has deliberately created it as part of what Senholt claimed is the “sinister game [of Aeonics/sinister dialectics] that is at the heart of the ONA”, so that the author of this numinous way, to quote JRW again, must therefore be:

“…an astonishingly diabolical, duplicitous, creative, polymathical genius who over four decades has been playing ‘sinister games’ and who has not deviated from his youthful sinister cunning plan, and which diabolical genius makes the likes of Crowley and LaVey (and everyone else associated with modern Satanism and the ‘left hand path’) seem pathetic and mundane.”

Thus, this ‘numinous way’ is but a useful, subversive, and cunning causal form {2}, to be employed by adepts of the sinister tradition as part of their aeonic strategy to undermine and destroy the old order and usher in a new and more Satanic aeon, and which new aeon would, according to the ONA, bring forth their Dark Imperium/Galactic Empire. {3}

Magus Myatt

A more intriguing suggestion than the stolid ‘once a Satanist always a satanist’ scenario which the above explanation surely implies, and which similar suggestions also imply, is one still based on the assumption that Myatt is (or was) Anton Long but which allows for the personal change suggested by Anton Long’s self-proclaimed and neglected ‘last writings’; writings confusingly (perhaps intentionally confusingly) issued under in 2011 under the two alternative titles Esoterikos, Final Words and Last Words: The Enigmatic Truth. This work consists of two short texts, The Enigmatic Truth (Last Words From A Modern Alchemist) and Lapis Philosophicus.

In The Enigmatic Truth (Last Words From A Modern Alchemist) Anton Long writes:

“This understanding, this knowledge – the wisdom acquired, the finding of lapis philosophicus during the penultimate stage of the Way – means two particular things, and always has done. (i) living in propria persona, in a private manner and sans all posing, all rhetoric, all pomposity, all ideations; and (ii) having an appreciation, an awareness (sans words, ritual, thought) of what is now sometimes known as the acausal – of Nature, the Cosmos, of the connexions that bind life and thus of the illusion that is the individual will, and which illusion sillily causes a person to believe ‘they’ are or can be ‘in control’. These two things form the basis of a particular and reclusive way of life of a particular type of person: the type known, in one locality, as the rounerer of The Rouning.”

There is therefore a return to the simple way of the Rounwytha {4} and which way seems to me at least to have a lot in common with Myatt’s numinous way.

We have thus, after over forty years, Myatt as Mage and at the end of the seven fold way, having ventured into and beyond ‘the abyss’ and having, as ONA texts such as Enantiodromia: The Sinister Abyssal Nexion suggest, melded the sinister with the numinous via practical experience and an exceptionally interesting diversity of living; with his post-2006 writings being explanations of and the product of this last mortal occult stage of what of necessity is a life-long quest.

As Anton Long writes in Lapis Philosophicus:

“The story ends with an anticipated discovery: that the penultimate stage (however named: Magus, GrandMaster, GrandLadyMaster) of that life-long genuine Occult journey which begins with initiation (of whatever kind: hermetic, ceremonial, self) is the same whether one began on, and thence followed, what has been described as ‘The Left Hand Path’, or whether one began on, and thence followed, what has been described as ‘The Right Hand Path’. For in the context of beyond The Abyss, such designations based on such a dichotomy become, and are, irrelevant because without sense and meaning.

That is, the ‘outer secret’ of the inner, the real, the living, alchemy is that the end and the result of both our apparently separate journeys is the same; the same place, the same understanding, the same knowledge. For wisdom is undivided, the same for all of us, whatever we believed or assumed when we began.”

The Simple Alternative

The simplest explanation is to accept the truth of Myatt’s assertion, mentioned here in part one and recounted in Myatt’s A Matter of Honour, regarding his involvement with occultism. That it was sporadic, was ended in 1997, was always for the sole purpose of advancing his then subversive neo-nazi agenda, and that over the decades a variety of individuals, including an academic, have used the pseudonym Anton Long.

His numinous way – aka the philosophy of pathei-mathos – is, as recounted in his autobiography Myngath and in many other works, thus the result of his own pathei-mathos, a consequence of his own ‘diverse and strange peregrinations’, and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with occultism.


As so often in respect of David Myatt and the pseudonymous Anton Long, the decision as to which explanation, which scenario, to accept in this matter of Myatt’s numinous way and the claim he is (or was) Anton Long, is ours. A diversity of possible explanations that surely enhance both the Myatt mythos and the charisma of the O9A.

R. Parker
2013 ev

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{2} The manufacture and/or the use of causal forms play an important part in both the theory and the praxis of the ONA, and is a topic that Anton Long has extensively written about since the late 1980’s, including in some of MSS in the three volumes of Hostia (1992) and in some of the letters in the two volumes of The Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown (1992).

For the ONA, Satanism itself is but a causal form:

“…a presencing of dark forces/acausal energies – a form/mythos – only relevant to the current Aeon, and is but as outer, an exoteric, form – and one means of provoking and encouraging radical and diabolical change and reformation in the present aeon, which present aeon is one aeon among a progression of aeons.”  R. Parker. Dialectics and Aeonic Sorcery. 2013 ev

See also Richard Stirling, The Radical Sinister Philosophy of Anton Long. 2013 ev

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