A Very Strange Peregrination

David Myatt

David Myatt

What will undoubtedly become a controversial work by David Myatt – Understanding and Rejecting Extremism, subtitled A Very Strange Peregrination – is now available from on-line book retailer Amazon.

The book, priced US$4.50, is divided into three sections:

Part One: Towards Understanding Extremism – Notes From Personal Experience.
Part Two: A Learning From Grief.
Part Three: A Rejection of Extremism Perhaps Explained.

It’s part one which will be controversial, because –  dissecting extremism as it does – it won’t please those who still distribute or are fans of Myatt’s old (and now rejected by him) National Socialist writings, and those from ‘the new right’ who still hold him in high regard for some of his older ‘numinous way’ stuff. Controversial also because it appears he takes a rather feminist view, writing that “men are the cause of most of the suffering, death, destruction, hate, violence, brutality, and killing, that has occurred and which is still occurring, thousand year upon thousand year.”

That said, parts two and three, which reproduce some correspondence of his from the past six years, are the most interesting, and very revealing of Myatt’s character.

Here’s the link to the book:

Understanding and Rejecting Extremism
ISBN-13: 978-1484854266

A free pdf version is also available for download here:

Understanding and Rejecting Extremism