David Myatt – Street Fighting Days

David Myatt

David Myatt

The following interesting quote about David Myatt’s youthful years as a neo-nazi thug is taken from a February 2013 (ev) thread about ‘Satanism and the far-right’ on a popular British conspiracy web forum; a thread which quickly became dominated by posts about Myatt and which had over 1,200 views in the space of one week. This apparent interest in Myatt – pro and con (mostly con) – echoes a 2012 thread about him on the well-known right-wing Stormfront forum, and which David Myatt, A Wyrdful Life thread, with over 4,000 views, became one of the most read threads on the Politics & Activism section of Stormfront Britain (and which thread about Myatt, BTW, inspired the creation of this regardingdavidmyatt blog – to gather together info, both pro and con, about Myatt).

Street Fighting Days

” [David] Myatt was an angry young chap who was a joiner, liked a ruck and was handy to have at your back when it kicked off, accordingly he was well respected if not liked.

Myatt was also far more intelligent than the knuckle draggers who were attracted to the cause so he found it hard to make friends with them […]

The satanism stuff is window dressing, most Nazis at one time or another flirt with it and then, realising that it gets no one anywhere. They move on.

That’s as valid a speculation as any about Myatt and it does have the benefit of being written by someone who knew of the guy back when he was a handy street fighter.”